The Oh Shoot Story

Be yourself, regardless of what people think.
Relentlessly pursue your passions.
Support others, their quirks, and their ambitions.
Embrace what makes you Different.



Our Values

Our mission is to build a community of people who chase their passions, support other's ambitions, and view the world from multiple perspectives.
Oh Shoot's values are built off the authentic journey of our amazing founder, Cj. From Lego stop-motion videos to amassing millions of views on Tik Tok, Cj has always had an eye for entertainment. Through the ups and downs, he continued to produce and create. He stayed true to himself by sharing moments of his life, not a social media fantasy. He believed in himself to improve and grow thanks to the skills he gained from years of practice. And most importantly, he created a voice of comfort that provided a warm welcome to others trying surfing for the first time.

That's what the Oh Shoot brand is all about
Be yourself. Pursue your potential. Accept others
Welcome to the Oh Shoot community.
We look forward to hearing and sharing stories of your different, your greatness

Pillar 1:
Surfing - "
Be Yourself, regardless of what people think"

Surfing brings people of all walks of life together. Surfing does not discriminate against who you are, what you do, or where you’re from. Surfing provides a space to connect with nature, friends, and yourself. Yet, negative and harsh comments still exist and are more common than you think:
 When Cj began surfing at the end of 2019, the negative comments toward him were ruthless (and felt endless). He clearly wasn’t good at surfing, but he loved it! He sent a shockwave through surf culture as being someone who approached surfing differently. He was the quintessential “kook”, but he didn’t care! He wanted to get better, but better to him meant having fun with friends on 8 foot wavestorms and surfing casually, not necessarily doing the crazy tricks on 6 foot boards. 
So he embraced the negativity, leaned into it, and continued working hard to get better. Now, the haters have grown silent as Cj has become a positive voice and inspiration for people wanting to go out of their comfort zone to try surfing for the first time. More importantly, through his perseverance, surfing remains a cornerstone of Cj’s life and is a core part of who he is and what makes him happy.
We realize this story transcends beyond surfing and that trying new things isn’t easy, especially at first. It requires a mindset of courage, confidence, persistence, and vulnerability. It requires accepting that you may fail at first and that you may be different.
So whether your “surfing” is playing a new sport, learning a new skill, or taking up a new hobby, Oh Shoot is here to support you doing whatever your different is on your journey toward your potential. 

Pillar 2:
Filming/Video Production - "
Relentlessly pursue your passions"  

Cj filmed his first YouTube video when he was 7 years old, and quickly realized it was both his first and lifelong passion. He has always been incredibly talented, but the journey toward his potential has not always been easy nor clear. In 2018, he decided to take the ultimate leap of faith and pursue filmmaking over the traditional safe route of college.  
Between 2007 and today, Cj has made over 5,000 videos, including over 1000 videos on TikTok 🤯. Almost every video has gone largely unviewed, and for over a decade he wasn’t gaining any meaningful traction. Despite his lack of “success”, his work ethic never faltered, and the thought of giving up never crossed his mind. It has never been about money for him. 
In 2019, Cj finally got his voice. His top-tier video editing skills, creativity, and production ability finally allowed him to go viral on TikTok and gain a following of people that truly appreciate his talent and his passion. 
Cj didn’t become successful overnight like many “tik-tokers” do. It took him 14 years of immeasurable hard work, consistent fear of failure, and lack of recognition. He never conformed to social norms, and instead embraced what makes him different, relentlessly pursued it, and is now on the right path on the journey towards his potential.

Pillar 3:
Oh Shoot - "Support others, their quirks, and their ambitions"

These stories perfectly represent the foundation that what we are hoping to build the Oh Shoot brand on. Circling back (and if you’ve made it this far thank you), they represent our mission to build a community of people who chase their passions, support other's ambitions, and view the world from multiple perspectives. 
Whatever your different is, consider the pages of your book blank. It’s time to write your story. It’s time to embrace the idea that being different is actually a good thing!
We’re excited to be a part of your journey and get to hear, share, and support your stories of different as we build this community together. Everything from the things that make you special, to the obstacles you have overcome, to the persistence that drove you to the accomplishments that make the whole journey worth it. 
This is Oh Shoot.
Where Different makes greatness